Financial Leaders Must Embrace T&E Solutions Strategically To Drive Growth And Innovation

The advancement of mobile and digital technology puts more purchasing power directly into the hands of employees. For financial leaders, this disruption makes the job of managing employee-generated spend significantly more challenging. ​

Today, these challenges have created a dilemma for modern financial leaders who find themselves much more strategically involved with other parts of the business and with less time to focus just on managing employee expenses. ​

Download the research paper to how businesses are planning to modernize T&E management. According to the research, those new solutions must be user friendly and business ready:​

• 79% of companies say their new T&E system must be a solution that employees want to use​

• 59% percent say a T&E solution must deploy and scale quickly, as well as integrate easily with existing finance apps to provide accurate, up-to-date reports and analyses of spending​

This kind of new T&E solution can drive not just efficiency and cost saving but help finance leaders make strategic data-driven decisions to benefit the business.​

This commissioned thought leadership paper was conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SAP Concur.

Download the paper today.