Concur Benefits Assurance
by Blue dot

Leverage AI and machine learning to automatically track, report, and calculate taxable employee benefits.

Easily comply with tax regulations and streamline back-office processes

Employers are required by law to report all taxable employee benefits. If they don’t, it can lead to audits and costly penalties. Concur Benefits Assurance helps your business automatically pull hard-to-find benefits out of expense reports and accurately report them.

  • Automate processes and make life easier on employees
  • Eliminate errors that result from manual processes
  • Configure and update your settings for regions around the world
  • Keep up with increasingly complex government regulations and demands

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Here’s how Concur Benefits Assurance can help you

Identify expenses
Easily identify new reimbursable expenses like office supplies, home internet, and mobile phone plans.
Validate spending data
Easily extract, match, and validate spending data with the help from AI and machine learning.
Work from anywhere
Do your work and spend anywhere in the world while ensuring compliance with local regulations.
Understand tax benefits
Base spending decisions on a complete understanding of taxable benefit costs.
Make payroll easier
Make taxable employee benefits easily accessible for payroll managers.
track your benefits
Stay on top of changes to your benefits package and track every taxable benefit.

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