Control company costs

The way employees spend company dollars continues to evolve – making the visibility of that spending and control over costs critical to maintaining a profitable business.

The costs of managing your spend

Simplifying how you manage employee spending helps you keep up as times and priorities change for your business.  Organizations with manual or disparate processes and data often limit visibility into their expenses and vendor invoicing, impacting both their employee satisfaction and bottom line.

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Managing a business means managing change

While outdated, but “good enough” processes may work in the near term, they can’t help you plan for the future or respond quickly to unforeseen challenges resulting in added, unnecessary costs.

With well-managed cash flow so critical to every organization’s success, you’ll want to recognize when a change is needed, and how you can stay ahead of problems before they become serious.

3 ways to future proof your business Controlling compliance and cost

How SAP Concur solutions can help

No matter how your business manages its expense, invoice, and travel today, SAP Concur solutions can automate and integrate these processes into a single, connected experience. That way, you can see all of your spend data in one place, while helping employees comply with spending policies. Our solutions can also help you:

  • Take the guesswork out of planning, forecasting, and budgeting
  • Detect and address fraud before it becomes problem
  • Uncover hidden spend and cost-saving opportunities
  • Automate and eliminate tedious, error-prone manual data entry

Concur Expense demo Concur Invoice demo

Manage spending more effectively with these SAP Concur solutions

Concur Expense

Integrating all of your expense data means that you can manage your company’s spend anywhere, anytime.

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Concur Invoice

Automate AP to streamline processes, eliminate manual tasks, and increase visibility into spend.

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Concur Travel

Simplify the travel experience, increase compliance, and control your company’s costs — all in one place.

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Analyze and manage funds with customized reports, dashboards, and an integrated view on spend.

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