Sustainable business travel

Empower employees to make responsible travel choices and measure your carbon impact.

More sustainable business travel is within reach

As corporate travel slowly resumes, there is one question that is gaining momentum – how can we make business travel more sustainable? There is growing recognition that doing so isn’t just about social responsibility, but about driving success – Reducing cost, improving efficiency and attracting and retaining both customers and employees. A more sustainable travel program can help make businesses both more sustainable and more profitable.

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Assess the sustainability of your existing travel program

Before you can build sustainability practices into your travel program, you need to know where your business is today. That’s why we’ve created a tool to help you assess your corporate travel sustainability and see how your business compares to others in your industry and region.

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This 2020 study offers fascinating insights into the trends, opinions and actions being taken to achieve more sustainable business travel.

Surveying 2,450 corporate travel decision makers and 2,000 travelers across Europe, it offers rich insights to help you to plan for a more sustainable corporate travel future.

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Getting the mix of incentives right relies on visibility and data. Proper data management is key. Without visibility into traveller behaviours and perceptions – to help understand what they want and need, while riding the rails, on the road, or in the air – it is almost impossible to implement credible and coherent sustainable change management.”

Pierre-Emmanuel Tetaz
EMEA SVP and General Manager at SAP Concur

How does SAP Concur Travel & Expense solutions turn sustainability concepts into concrete actions?

From guiding individual travellers to select more sustainable options, to reporting on overall carbon impact, there are many ways SAP Concur Solutions help companies and individuals run at their best.

The triple bottom line of more sustainable business travel

Running an efficient, more sustainable travel program helps make businesses both more sustainable and more profitable

Equip travellers to choose sustainable

The seemingly small choices employees make about how to get from A to B or where to stay can have a big impact.

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See your impact, to improve it

Making travel sustainable is complex. Making it measurable is the key to making it manageable.

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Prove your commitment

With no planet-B, your employee and partners want to see real numbers, not comforting words. Help them understand their trips environmental impact.

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