Manage travel booking your way

Simplify the booking experience and control company costs.

All your travel. All in one place.

Basic booking systems can’t keep up with the changes in travel, but the Concur travel booking tool can. We bring the entire process and all your data together in one place, so you can see and manage your corporate travel program your way.

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Features of Concur Travel

Broad Inventory offers truly global booking solutions.

Provide access to content from multiple global distribution systems, negotiated and published prices, direct connects and web-only fares.

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Reports guide informed decisions.

Gain complete insight into travel spending, track performance indicators (KPIs) and monitor trends with more than 25 standard reports.

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Travel planning keeps everyone compliant.

Enforce internal policies and satisfy external regulations with Concur Request, a customisable pre-trip planning process that enables you to approve, reject and request changes.

Mobile app streamlines business travel.

Streamline business travel planning, itinerary management and expense reporting for your employees, and control your travel spending..

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E-receipts speed up report creation and submission.

Take a photo of receipts and match them to line items in expense claims. Travel suppliers can automatically send e-receipts directly to Concur Expense.

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Gain visibility, even for direct bookings.

Concur TripLink helps you capture and manage invisible bookings, and includes TripIt Pro, which increases travel programme satisfaction and makes trips visible in Concur Travel.

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