Helping services industries take control of spend

Whether you work in professional services, travel, transport, logistics or in the media, you need to focus on keeping clients happy – not grappling with inefficient and inaccurate processes.

How SAP Concur supports professional services

Time is money, and your reputation is on the line every day. You must account for and have an accurate audit trail of every expense you bill back to your clients. Let SAP Concur take the pressure off.

From fending off fraud, to mitigating risk and improving compliance, SAP Concur helps professional services firms take control of expense, travel and invoice spend.

Why SAP Concur? Preventing fraud

How SAP Concur supports travel, transport, cargo and logistics companies

Your industry needs smart strategies to manage spend. As a global solution, SAP Concur can help you process expenses in multiple currencies and languages.

Plus, with connected solutions, your employees can stay productive while you collect the data required to reclaim VAT and put money back in your budget.

Concur Expense Reclaiming VAT

How SAP Concur supports media businesses

Media is a fast-moving industry, so technology needs to move with you. With SAP Concur, employees can book travel, capture expenses and review invoices using our mobile app. They stay productive, and you have a digital trail of spend.

Wherever your employees are, at home or abroad, they can spend money within company guidelines to capture great stories while you keep track of every penny.

Why SAP Concur? Concur Expense

SAP Concur connects a variety of spending together in a single solution.

Concur Travel and Expense

Offer mobile tools that keep employees productive wherever they are. Plus, discover a more reliable, consolidated view of spend that you can act on.

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Concur Audit

Spot non-compliance in your expense claims using our audit service. Identify opportunities for VAT reclaim to put money back into your budgets.

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Concur Invoice

Streamline payments to avoid penalties and take control of cash flow. Put paper in the past for improved security and productivity.

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Some of the biggest companies in the world use SAP Concur to manage their spending

DHL Discovers Visibility, Efficiency and Compliance with SAP Concur.

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PostNL Streamlines Expense Management with Concur® Expense and the SAP® Concur Mobile App.

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