SES travels and declares more easily for employees

The ‘Ultimate user experience’ makes SES employees very happy

From a sales meeting in Sweden to a hardware installation in Ghana. The more than 2,300 employees of satellite operator, SES, come from all over the world. Since October 2018 and with thanks to Concur Travel & Expense, SES has had an environment where employees can book travel and declare expenses in an extremely user-friendly way.

Through their satellites, SES reaches billions of households in every corner of the world. To achieve that, employees work in every possible place on earth. “More than half of our employees travel regularly,” says Jonathan Frydman, VP ERP Delivery at SES. “Our customers are literally all over the world.”

“Previously, it took six to eight weeks for employees  to be reimbursed for their expenses. Now the money is in their account again after six days.” Jonathan Frydman, VP ERP Delivery by SES




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