Business Spend Management KPI Scorecard Template

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Spend is changing. Are your KPIs keeping up? 

A spend management scorecard for finance leaders

Business spending has changed in the last few years, and if you are still measuring spend programmes with the same old ruler, you may not be getting the answers you need. This eBook provides you with a free finance KPI scorecard that includes the new metrics of business spend management programme that you should consider to ensure you are delivering the impact and results your changing business needs. 

What are the key areas of advice in the free KPI scorecard?  

  • Pinpointing potential business risks: This includes risks like what is being spent on corporate cards versus cash, paying attention to high violation rates, and staying ahead of regulatory compliance.   

  • Improving spend management programme performance: To keep increasing the value you bring back to the business, consider breaking free from the usual ways you assess programme performance, such as minimising invoice exceptions, sharpening audit coverage and accuracy, etc.  

  • Measuring budget accuracy: To make sure your budgets and forecasts are always spot on, take a closer look at areas like late fees, VAT reclaim, and payment corrections. 

  • Making the most of your investments: Explore KPIs that help your business and employees get even better – improving employee retention, morale, and productivity.  

Download the free finance KPI scorecard today to learn full details.

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