7 Ways to Unlock Business Potential with Intelligent Travel and Expense Solutions

man at hotel checking in

The ongoing evolution of work means businesses now require more efficient, secure, and productive corporate travel and expense processes and policies. By embracing intelligent travel and expense (T&E) management solutions to streamline T&E, businesses of all sizes can improve the employee experience, reduce costs, increase ROI, and meet their sustainability goals.  

SAP Concur commissioned Forrester Consulting to research and evaluate the business impact of intelligent travel and expense solutions. We concluded 7 considerations for companies evaluating these solutions. Here’s the preview of the first 3 considerations: 


1. Prioritize a single travel and expense solution. 

Organizations that combine travel and expense into a single platform realize greater benefits than those don’t. Decision-makers using siloed tools are 1.5X more likely to say that the lack of near-real-time visibly into data, processes, or systems is a challenge for their companies.  

2. Build with remote and hybrid work in mind.  

While some employees are returning to the office, many are still having a hybrid or fully remote work model. As a result, 72% of organizations say they are concerned about personal and company data security as it relates to their T&E solution.  

3. Prepare for an increase in corporate travel. 

Employees are back on the road and 77% of leaders say employee travel is important for customer relationship management.  


Download this checklist to learn the other 4 considerations and full details.