How to Create an Expenses Policy: Free Template and Guidance

Expenses Policy

Having proper guidelines in place is critical to maintaining control when it comes to employee travel and expenses. Whether employees are claiming travel or remote working expenses, be it on company credit card, invoice or cash, the first logical step to finding a better way to manage the process for everyone is to create an expenses policy.

Why is an Expense Policy Important?

  • Employees know what the rules are
  • Finance is clear on which claims are reimbursable 
  • Compliance is increased
  • Costs are controlled
  • Payments are faster

Use this free template, based on best practice, as a starting point to create your own T&E policy today. It includes sample text for you to consider and includes sections on:

  • Employees’ and managers’ responsibilities 
  • Suggested costs for expenses that would normally be reimbursed, such as Travel, Accommodation, Remote Working, and Entertainment
  • Exclusions and what’s not reimbursable