Reset for Growth: Financial Leaders Chart a Course Into the Future

The global response to COVID-19 in 2020 presented some of the biggest challenges business had to face in modern times. And, yet, precisely because of the challenges, 86% of executive leaders agree that the pandemic has forced their organizations to become more open to experimentation, technological change, and quick shifts in strategy.

As new types of spending, different travel patterns, remote work, and other changes forced rapid adoptions, process improvements and risk assessment, enterprises have looked to technology solutions that provide transparency, insights, and enhanced control.

As SAP Concur and Deloitte experts share in this white paper, many organizations seized the opportunity to reassess their current financial processes and adopt new solutions and strategies to help their organizations move forward stronger than ever. Financial leaders are taking a lead in implementing cloud-based applications for better travel, expense, and invoice management. They are focused on gaining better control over all financial activity by investing in technology that:

  • Helps the organization re-imagine work processes for a decentralized workforce
  • Provides tools to gain visibility into current spending and helps forecast future activity more accurately to increase compliance
  • Improves auditing efficiency and tax reporting to uncover savings
  • Adapts more quickly to changing regulation, vendor relationships, and business travel patterns

Enterprise organizations learned many hard lessons during the past year and were forced to make sudden shifts in direction practically overnight. But the lessons learned have not been lost. Top financial leaders understand that standing still will only get them left behind and that’s not an acceptable option. With strategic technology investments, they are turning adversity into opportunity and resetting their organizations for growth.

Download the white paper today to learn how enterprise organizations turn business challenges into opportunities with the help of intelligent technology.