Enhance your compliance and spend management with SAP Concur solutions

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The pandemic and hybrid work shifted employee spending behavior and companies shifted policies to keep up. Our 2021 spend insights found out that there was a 21.8% increase in excessive personal expense violations, compared to 2020.  

At the same time, businesses are trying to determine what’s a taxable employee benefits as governments hunt for revenue and revenue authorities push companies to change how they handle taxes. According to our recent pulse survey, 100% of finance managers say their jobs are getting harder due to staffing shortages and additional auditing and paperwork.  

SAP Concur solutions can help. Our products can reduce non-compliant spend, raise regulatory compliance, improve budgetary controls, and increase the efficiency of AP and auditing. Download the brochure to learn how our products can address your finance team’s concerns, improve productivity and efficiency, and enhance your compliance and spend management.