The right tools for you to build and maintain business momentum

Change is challenging but as we’ve seen in the last year, business can make decisions overnight, organizations can experiment with confidence, companies can undergo profound transformation without pronounced bureaucracy.

2020 showed us what we were capable of; 2021 will show us how far we can go. Already, financial leaders around the globe are sharing their cautious optimism about revenue increase and reaching pre-pandemic levels of business.

Tapping into this momentum takes a good, long look at the way you’ve always done things – plus a commitment to continuous improvement. And it’s always easier to build and maintain momentum with the right tools.

SAP Concur solutions fit your goals, wherever you want to go. As your business moves forward, your policies and processes may not be able to keep up. Put the right tools in place, and you can see your spending, manage your travel, and break down the barriers that hold your budgets back.

In this brochure, we introduce two sets of tools to help finance leaders and program administrators to put systems in place to protect the bottom line and keep compliance in control.

  • Foresight – add preapprovals to your process and you can see the future of everything from spending to employee safety.
  • Oversight – use artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and SAP Concur experts to ensure every expense gets the right scrutiny, you get accurate analytics, and your business gets more control.

These tools will help you reshape travel and spend management into a smooth, digital workflow, deliver proactive control over spending, enable your finance teams to turn their attention to improving policies and much more.

You can’t build momentum without financial flexibility, and for a business to be that agile, it requires visibility. SAP Concur solutions show you where you stand financially, so you can make more informed decisions faster.

To learn more about these solutions, download the brochure today.