Tools to Help Build the Bottom-Line Impact of your Travel Program 

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Make More of Every Day and Every Digit  

Today’s travel decision makers are being asked to manage far more than travel. For starters, the internal team that’s keeping an eye on your company’s likely tight travel budget has probably grown. At the same time, you may be facing greater restrictions, a continuously evolving travel environment, fears of inflation and recession – and let’s not forget: You’re still responsible for an entire travel program and team of travelers.  

  • 100% of travel managers expect their jobs to be more challenging in the next 12 months than they were last year* 

  • 49% said increasing pressure from senior leadership to demonstrate ROI will make their job more challenging in the next 12 months, compared to last year*  

  • 39% say those challenges will come from reduced travel, while 40% say increasing travel volume will add challenges to their job*  

By giving you a clear view and precise control of elements in your travel and expense program, and by automating the processes to make it work more efficiently, SAP Concur solutions can help you clear your desk of manual tasks and meaningless busywork – giving you the space to think more strategically, manage spend more effectively, and deliver value more directly.  

Download this guide to learn about 13 tools for automation, intelligence and cost control.  


*Source: 2022 SAP Concur Global Business Travel Manager Report